List of high paying adsense keywords.

Google Adsense Cheque Sample
Google Adsense Cheque Sample

There are a lot of bloggers in Pakistan who ask a common question. And the question is like “How to increase my adsense earning” or “How to get more money from few clicks” etc. I think the best answer should be using high paying keywords. It an important part of SEO. So we can choose high paying keywords when we choose keywords for our website.By, choosing high paying keywords doesn’t mean that you will choose all the high paying keywords even if they are not related to your website. Select only one or two keywords among high paying keywords that is very similar to your website. If you choose keywords that are not related to your top than may be a negative point for your Blog and a minus in your earning.

You should choose that high paying keywords those are related to your content. If you do not find the exact keyword that try the nearest one. Now I would like to share some high paying keyword with you. I hope it will really be helpful to you.

Below are some high paying google adsense keywords that you can use for your blog or your website


Max CPC ($) Avg CPC ($) Keyword
45.34 19.41 Mesothelioma prognosis
56.36 19.28 Mortgages
34.54 19.26 35 auto century insurance
66.73 19.24 Employee leasing
56.18 19.22 Federal consolidation
181.30 19.16 Equity home loan
26.88 19.14 Personal injury attorney
58.56 19.03 Accident lawyer michigan
36.22 19.02 Refinancing with bad credit
26.78 19.02 Home equity line of credit rates
45.11 19.01 Federal consolidation
62.95 18.96 Non profit debt consolidation
66.58 18.94 Pay per click affiliate
48.84 18.86 City hair new removal york
187.72 18.85 Acid reflux disease diet
54.63 18.77 Refinance poor credit
39.45 18.75 Equity loans
34.00 18.72 Student loan consolidate
36.77 18.60 Consolidate loans
34.40 18.52 Secured loans
36.78 18.49 Criminal lawyer Boston
56.00 18.42 Affiliate per click program
34.06 18.29 Chicago personal injury lawyer
23.19 18.26 Los angeles dui lawyer
110.73 18.19 Att prepaid
69.95 18.10 Angeles criminal defense lawyer los
27.37 18.04 Critical illness insurance life
45.00 18.03 Irs lawyer tax
36.77 18.02 Laser hair removal new york
64.00 18.02 Comcast high speed
260.78 17.98 Personal yahoo
56.77 17.78 San diego dui attorney
64.49 17.75 Michigan personal injury
36.93 17.73 Automobile law lemon
33.22 17.66 Cheap insurance life term
44.38 17.52 Home loans refinancing
37.44 17.51 Consolidate college loans
39.22 17.45 Cheap life insurance
37.06 17.38 Vioxx law suit
36.36 17.32 Student loan refinance
67.47 17.30 Car hire alicante
55.56 17.28 Tax attorney
32.37 17.27 Refinancing my home
15.18 17.24 Criminal dallas lawyer
71.46 17.24 Line of credit home equity
26.44 17.23 Litigation vioxx
26.43 17.20 Att and t phones
54.22 17.15 Criminal defense lawyer
5.86 17.14 Commodity online trading
25.48 17.13 Home equity rates
110.41 17.12 Adsense
33.81 17.12 Law lemon mass
65.76 17.11 Equity home loan
39.70 17.10 Arizona lawyer
40.84 17.09 Child molestation attorney
31.40 17.09 Home line of credit
54.56 17.06 Alicante car rental spain
70.37 17.03 Attorney defense federal
53.29 17.02 San diego criminal attorney
42.50 16.79 Injury lawyer new york
37.52 16.78 Attorney injury new personal york
89.97 16.77 Att and t mobile
104.55 16.72 Pleural mesothelioma
80.62 16.61 Augmentation breast diego san
56.20 16.62 Home equity poor credit
83.55 16.60 Health insurance temporary
62.43 16.60 Compensation mesothelioma
33.00 16.60 21st century insurance
47.65 16.52 Cheap insurance medical
53.95 16.51 Angeles criminal lawyer
31.65 16.49 Low cost term life insurance
37.43 16.47 Home refinance loans
48.20 16.45 E loan consolidation
33.93 16.44 Life insurance quote
25.06 16.39 Cheap life assurance
46.13 16.33 100 equity loan
32.22 16.32 Anti spam exchange
32.09 16.31 credit equity home line
103.44 16.31 Att go phone credit
46.72 16.30 Dui florida lawyer
37.97 16.27 Hair removal new york
20.14 16.25 Vioxx class action suit
31.32 16.14 Merchant accounts international
25.98 16.12 Vioxx class action
48.31 16.10 125 home loan
44.40 16.10 Life insurance quote online
47.36 16.09 Consolidation loan
32.15 16.05 Equity line of credit
26.31 16.02 Carolina law lemon north
25.97 16.02 Equity rates
52.70 15.87 Direct home insurance
30.84 15.86 Angeles attorney tax
35.29 15.84 Credit home loan
35.04 15.82 Term insurance
34.93 15.81 Auto insurances
61.54 15.80 Debtfreedirect
27.77 15.80 Refinance comparison
49.97 15.77 Acid reflux treatment
46.72 15.76 Bad credit mortgage refinance
42.56 15.73 College loan refinance

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Three of the hottest current topics on the Internet are content management systems (CMS), cloud computing and eCommerce. Each week a variety of new products are released delivering an increased level of selection while many companies are prospering in these areas of expertise.

Unfortunately, when attempting to create a website, the number of choices can become an issue. Once the site is functional, most webmasters have used a CMS and third party payment vendor. In many instances, some additional functionality is ignored.

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First established as a payment provider for digital downloads almost four years ago, the system has developed to regularly incorporate new features. Toward the end of 2008, the first attempts to create a cloud system were introduced through the availability of production information. Next, mail orders were available through the basic API. The success of the initial system proved that INZU customers with their own shop had great success.

In 2010, beta testing on the system was complete and the CMS was introduced in 2011 to a wide audience. Along with the CMS were new features and add-ons for the software. The concept of a cloud-based CMS is new to the industry but offers several advantages over installed systems including:

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  • No installation
  • No programmatic templating
  • Availability of multiple access points for information
  • Works well with current CMS systems
  • Small site footprint

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