PTCL and Nayatel Battle – People are getting entertained.

PTCL and Nayatel Battle started when a twitter User posted a funny tweet about Ayesha Gulalai stating she uses PTCL Internet and she has issues in reeving messages which she talked about  in her press conference. and the PTCL replied that he didn’t received any complaints from Ayesha Ghulali.

You can check this conversation here.

Then a twitter user Hira Chishti dragged Nayatel in conversation by stating PTCL must be using Nayatel , as unexpectedly  their response was very quick. After this Nayatel came in and exchanged some great tweets with PTCL . You can see above.

Another user tried to add Witribe in Conversation but he failed  to do so. No response from Wi Tribe team received. They might be using PTCL 😀

People enjoyed this tweet battle as you can see above.

People enjoyed quick response from PTCL Team and praised PTCL Social media team as well. Some people tried to post some words from recent viral vidoes like Lab e sheeren sa lag riya ha 😀 .

People also encouraged PTCL , if they work sincere and hard, they can get same status again, as They have largest broadband internet all over Pakistan.

Some people also showed their frustration about Nayatel as well. And some though that this post is just fake.

You can read entire conversation here.


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Get Ready to Welcome this huge Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 Brabus 700 in Pakistan

It is reported that one of the rarest and most expensive vehicles is headed to Islamabad – Pakistan.

A Facebook page reported that one of the most expensive and rarest vehicle ‘Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 Brabus 700’ is seen at Islamabad dry port.

So far Mercedes only produced 15 units of Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 Brabus 700  and one of them is coming to Pakistan.

The vehicle was produced from 2013 – 2015. After 2015 company completely stopped production and labeled all the models sold out to maintain the exclusivity of it. In 2015 however, the tuner company of Mercedes-Benz, Brabus came up with a tuned version of the G63 AMG 6×6. Only 15 exclusive models were made and sent to the Malaysian market costing a total of 698,888 Euros (approximately RS. 86,593,701).

Now one of the 15 models of the exclusive Brabus is headed on its way to Islamabad. Imagine with a price tag of RS. 86593701 how much it would be in Pakistan after duty paid. Our estimate is around 25 Crore!

Below are some images and videos. please have a look.

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PSL’s 6th team name has been announced.

Yes you read it right. Pakistan Super League’s sixth team name has been announced by its owner and Managing Director of Schon Group Mr. Asher Schon. In an event, Mr. Asher Schon Announced the name for Pakistan Super League sixth team that will participate in upcoming matches and tournaments. Guess what will be the name?


Name, as announced by Schon Group is, MULTAN SULTANS

For More news and updates, please stay tuned.


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Useful Websites you must know about

There are thousands of websites available around Internet which are very handy and useful at several occasions. Here is list of some websites that you must know about. These websites can help you and saves your time a lot.

1- MathWay

Mathway is a quite useful and handy website that helps students and professionals especially teachers to write mathematical and algebraic equations in an easier way. You can write any kind of equation in this web page which can help teachers to prepare exam questions papers and students to prepare assignments on time and impress their instructors. This website also gives you solved answer of any equation.

2- Iruler

Stuck in any technical monitor fault or problem or Want to know your accurate screen size. Iruler will help you easily identify your screen size in inches and centimeters.

3- Atlas Obscura

Planning a tour to any historical place and want to know routes, attractions or best places to visit on that place. Atlas Obscura is the best place to find and discover best places near or within any location. Atlas Obscura will show  you maps and photos of any historical or must  to visit place anywhere in world.

4- What the font

What The Font can help you easily find the font used in any scanned document or image. It also helps you to find similar fonts used in any image document.

5- Pixlr – Web based Image editor

Are you looking for any free and easy alternative to Adobe Photoshop or any other Image editing tool? Pixlr is here for you. Pixlr offers you an easy to use , Adobe Photoshop inspired Photo editing interface with in your browser free of cost. You can use Pixlr to edit your photos or create new graphics materials.

6- Copy Paste Character

Want to inspire your face book or twitter friends with a cool and simple text based status or want to use special characters in your email or any word document. You can use characters from in any your document or social media status etc.

7- Gif Print

Want to impress your friends with an impressive flip book, created from your favorite gif Animation? helps you to print a cool flip book from your gif animation.

These are few websites that every one should know about.

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Tips to Make the most of your WordPress Website

Tips to Make the most of your WordPress Website

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar…

Yes you heared right, We are talking about your newly created wordpress website. Your newly created wordpress website is one whom you love the most but this love vanished when you start getting trouble with your Website or Blog. Most of people complaints that their website is not functioning properly, or they are not able to monitor their blog performance or some times their website is hacked. You listen all these things, just because people haven’t configured  their WordPress website properly.

To avoid such comments for your website, you need to follow below tips.

1- Install traffic monitoring plugin like Google Analytics

Yes you need to install Google Analytics or piwik or any other similar tool to monitor your website traffic and visitors. This helps you in keeping a record of who is visiting your website and which niche or article is most popular on your website. I suggest Google Analytics, it is totally free and secure and offers a lot of functionality free of cost.

2- Hide your WordPress Admin directory

You need  to hide or password protect your wordpress admin (wp-admin) directory so no one other than authorized users can access wp-admin directory. You can password protect this directory using Password protected directories feature in your Hosting CPanel or you can use iThemes Better Security plugin to secure it

3- Limit Login Attempts

Another major issue with most of wordpress websites is that, most of times hackers or un authorized persons get to know your username and they try to login to your wordpress website several times and try to get access to your wordpress dashboard. You should use wordpress plugins to limit login attempts based on user IP. this will help you save your server resources and also protect you from hackers.

4- Change or Disable WordPress Author URL

Exposing Author name by any ways is also very handy and useful for hackers. You should disable WordPress Author Archives and disable author archives indexing in robots.txt file. You can use any plugin of your choice or code to disable author archives and disable author archive indexing. You can disable those in Yoast SEO plugin.


5- Compress and optimize CSS, JS and HTML

Enabling CSS, JS and HTML Compression will help your site in increaing Google page Speed and GT Metrix site score. You can use following plugins to Optimize CSS, JS and HTML


6- Enable Caching

Enabling caching for static resources and assets is also required to enhance and increase your website speed. Now a days most of WordPress Hosting Providers providers  their own Caching Plugin for WordPress. If your hosting plugin does not offers caching plugin, you can use following caching plugins


7- SEO and SMO, SEM

Search Enginer Optimization and Social Media is most important thing to drive traffic to your website. SEO and social bookmarking is the most effective and cheapest way to drive traffic to your website. You must use any approporiate SEO plugin, which helps you in writting better articles and content with SEO suggestions. I like Yoast SEO most.


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