WordPress Hosting – What Should a Good WP Host Offer?

If you’re looking for great WordPress hosting, then you should first understand what a good WP host should offer. It all comes down to three very important things: PHP & Apache Servers – Make sure your web host supports the latest version of PHP (a programming language) and has Apache web servers. Preferably, look for […]

How to Prevent Domain Hijacking

Although a website owner may feel secure upon registering a domain name, many don’t realize that domains are subject to hijacking.  Domain hijacking, or domain theft, is a prevalent nuisance that is on the increase.  Hackers need not to even access the target web server to create havoc. The process of hijacking a website really […]

How to Conduct a Background Check for Web Hosting Providers

With the explosion of web hosting providers emerging advertising free and unlimited features, it’s often a daunting task to opt for a legit provider that actually fulfills its promise to deliver reliable services.  There are several proactive steps that you can take to ensure the web host that has caught your eye is actually worth […]

13 Things to do before Breaking up with your Web Host

Agreed, it’s a pain in more places than one when you have to migrate from one web host to the other, but when your needs grow and your current host fails to keep up, it’s best to do the dumping as soon as possible. But before you sever all ties, you must protect what’s yours […]

Five Reasons to Choose VPS

Virtual private servers (VPS), or virtual dedicated servers, offer users many advantages when compared to other hosting platforms when launching and maintaining a functional website. The benefits of a private hosting environment offer website owners a wealth of benefits such as enhanced security, reliable hosting resources and increased flexibility. Security VPS is perhaps one of […]